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The Instagram Series 

        for  entrepreneurs of the new paradigm


Spiritual Business Coach & Mentor, Wealth Activator, Creative & Intuitive Channel, Lindsay Anderson, the enigmatic Mani Gen, hosts this Live Instagram Series with other Fierce & Intuitive Leaders, Entrepreneurs and CEO's in the Online Community.

Lindsay's mission is to get more money (health, wealth, prosperity, fulfillment and riches) into the hands of more heart-led women, just like YOU and there are hundreds of women out there who are PROVING that this is not only possible, but completely inevitable! 


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M Apr 17. 12:00pm EST

Aubrianna Kay, High Converting Strategist & Soulful Business Coach, joins Lindsay for a powerful AF conversation about how if you actually want to success, one of the most important things to do is FAIL MORE. Yeah, you read that right. Transmute FAILURE into CLARITY and watch your business grow exponentially!

W Apr 19. 1:00pm EST

Christy Avis, Multi 6 Figure Human Design & Alignment Coach and CEO of Aligned Ascension, joins Lindsay in a highly significant conversation about Quantum Leaps. There are multiple ways a Quantum Leap can look and feel and Christy will bring them all down to Earth so that you can anchor them in, no matter what level of business you are in! 

W Apr 26. 7:30am EST

Bethany Taylor, Human Design and Transformation Coach and Founder of The Human Design Lab, joins fellow Manifesting Generator, Lindsay for a bouncy, magnetic, possibly even squirrely conversation about how Mani Gens can build a business in alignment with their Human Design Type and fall head over heels in love with it! 


Bailey Couture, Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Practitioner & Lead Practitioner at The Intuitive Reiki Revolution, joins Lindsay for a powerful discussion about Codes and how putting them into practice has transformed her life within a matter of months! It's simple. It's fun. It's incredibly transformative.

What we cover;

  • how affirmations and mantras may not be working for you
  • the difference with coding
  • when and how to use codes
  • different codes that you can use today to instantly shift your frequency and connect to your highest self (we share FOUR!)

Kari Russell, Energetic Business Coach, Human Design and Self Expression Queen, joins Lindsay for a real and raw conversation about how we can transmute and even leverage the pressure that we feel as entrepreneurs, and especially as women, to show up when we feel like sh*t. 

What we cover;

  • how moments of illness or discomfort are portals for you to claim your personal power at a new level
  • how the different human design centres can have an impact on the way you choose to show up in your business
  • how honouring self can be the most potent leadership “strategy” there is when working with clients
  • how TRUST plays a massive role in the ability to release any absorbed pressure and stories about running your business

Natalie Parsons, Intuitive Embodiment Guide, Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Guide, joins Lindsay for an expansive conversation about how you can take the experiences of your most challenging moments in life and alchemize the energy into powerful creativity and inspiration. Watch as these two mentors lead you through the process of alchemization of their current struggles and activate their creator energy LIVE to bring a POWERFUL conversation about growth, trust and evolution in your journey.

What we cover;

  • how everything that you are going through can be an impactful offering for your business when it’s approached with creator energy
  • how you move through different stages of evolution in all areas of life, which includes stress / struggle and trust in the unknown
  • how nature, gardening and flowers can offer an amazing and powerful visual for your journey today

Amanda Luketa, Business and Manifestation Mentor and Creator of the Dream Business Incubator, joins Lindsay for a radically expansive conversation inspired by and channeled for any woman who is ready to lock in the energy of their first 2K - 5K month! We're covering mindset shifts, energetics, strategy and more!

What we cover;

  • how to take intentional and purposeful action at the beginning stages of your business to create momentum
  • social media habits that can prove handy at the early stages of business and beyond
  • which offer to focus on and how to share that offer with others so that it sells
  • how strategy can meet with energetics to provide a powerful foundation for success

Jenn Kennedy, 7 Figure Business and Money Mentor, joins Lindsay in a powerful conversation about creating momentum in your business when your #1 goal isn't to "make money", but to live in alignment with your soul's mission and become the expression of that in the work that you do. Is there ever a time where money supersedes mission? 

What we cover;

  • what it means to align with your “mission” in your business
  • what you can do when you find yourself moving out of alignment with your mission and into the “I need / want to make more money” space
  • simple steps that you can take today to align with your mission and build momentum at any stage in your business
  • consumption versus creation on social media

Wanna Hang Out?

Lindsay is always looking to make new soul sister connections with other intuitive leaders, have super insightful convos and work collaboratively to lift the consciousness of the universe. 

If you know that you have a powerful message to share and would like to team up with Lindsay to get it out there, hit the button and let's chat!

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