The Intuitive CEO

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The Intuitive CEO

If you are ready to release the fear, doubt, uncertainty and lack that you're feeling inside of your business.

If you are ready to learn to lead yourself powerfully in alignment with your vision AND your intuition. 

If you are ready to magnetize and reclaim the use of your intuition in your work life.

If you are ready to become an energetic match for your BIGGEST dreams...


THE INTUITIVE CEO is the program for women in business (at any level) who want to;

  • Learn how to fully leverage their intuition and channeling abilities to fully align their business in a heart-led, soul-felt way.
  • Learn tangible strategy to balance the masculine energies of planning, organization, structure and strategy with the feminine energies of intuition, authentic expression, receptivity and creativity.
  • Learn how to leverage the moon phases in alignment with their business and reclaim the goddess energy within. 
  • Release expectations of what your business "should" look and feel like and leverage your unique flow.
  • Activate the Co-Creatrix energy that's been stirring inside of them.


It's 4 Live Powerful Activation Trainings over the course of two weeks;

Tuesday December 6th, Thursday December 8th, Tuesday December 13th and Thursday December 15th @ 12pm EST (Toronto). All replays available for lifetime access. 


BONUS: Unlock The Intuitive Mystic! A pre-recorded program with three live trainings uploaded into a Facebook Group. The Intuitive Mystic is the PERFECT foundation for the work we are going to be doing inside of The Intuitive CEO


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