WORK FLOW Mastermind Hybrid; January 2023

$3,333.00 CAD

WORK FLOW; The most powerful mastermind program that's channeled through to date!


It's time to discover your SOUL PURPOSE and start to turn it into an ALIGNED BUSINESS with Human Design and Gene Key integration, soul-led strategy and energetics.

This mastermind is for women who want to build a business on a firm foundation of alignment, wellbeing and destiny.


The Vibe:

Your soul chose to be here.
You are perfectly designed to carry out your souls purpose in this lifetime.

This Mastermind is about unlocking that purpose and bringing it to life in a way that feels good and supported in your nervous system.

Goodbye money worries.
Goodbye misaligned clients.
Goodbye hustle and grind.
Goodbye glass ceilings and ladder climbing.

Goodbye everything you've been taught to believe about what WORK is supposed to look like...

Hello discovering what you're ACTUALLY meant to be doing here in this lifetime.

Hello impact and belonging.
Hello self-leadership and intentional action.
Hello magnetism and inevitable success.
Hello balance, fulfillment and richness.


Inside of Work Flow... we'll explore the work that is actually in alignment with your divine design; the work that you are destined to do here and we will build a foundation in which you can scale your soul-led business in FULL alignment. 

We will discuss soul-led strategy, energetics, masculine and feminine energy in business and in life, your gene keys' prosperity sequence, the laws of the universe, structure and commitment, leadership and SO MUCH MORE. 

There is work that you are MEANT to do. Work that feels fulfilling, humbling, exciting and free! 

WORK FLOW will change the way you work (and live) to lead a more aligned, fulfilling and prosperous life!


This 12 Week Mastermind Hybrid Includes;

  • 1 x 1:1 Call 
  • Bi-weekly Group Trainings
  • Voxer Mastermind
  • Voxer Activations around Embodiment of The Laws of The Universe


We start the week of January 16th, 2023.

4 Spots Left in this intimate, sisterhood vibe. 




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