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This container offers intentional and coaching on The Activation Sequence of The Gene Keys, while applying this knowledge directly to your business with potent mentorship.

One Week 1:1 Voxer Coaching + 3 Lifetime Access Modules.  


SYNERGY helps connect the leader you are today with 4 Gene Key Spheres from your unique Hologenetic Profile; 

  • the life’s work sphere: clarifies the role you are meant to play in this lifetime / what you are meant to do
  • the evolution sphere: provides even more clarity around your role and shows you exactly what is holding you back from stepping into that role
  • the radiance sphere: unlocks the brightest light inside of you and gives you clarity around how you are meant to feel when you are at your most vital, healthy, fulfilled and magnetic state
  • the purpose sphere: unravels the essence / aura / energy of the leader that you are here to become. 

While we're unlocking these spheres, we will unravel your soul's mission with intention and clarity because we know wholeheartedly THIS is the vibe that calls in wild success! 



  • 3 Pre-Recorded Modules (to be completed prior to your 1:1 coaching)
    • Introduction to The Gene Keys Module *lifetime access
    • The Activation Sequence (Part One; Life's Work & Evolution) *lifetime access
    • The Activation Sequence (Part Two; Radiance & Purpose) *lifetime access 
  • 4 days over 1 Week in Voxer (Monday - Thursday). 
    • Lindsay THRIVES in Voxer, a free voice-note app that allows her to drop activations and respond to your questions in full power to create the most expansive and intentional coaching experience. 


It's time for you to KNOW, deep in your gut, exactly what you're here to do and ensure your work is a true representation of what your soul signed up for in this lifetime.

It's time for you to say F⚡️CK The Niche, once and for all!  


*You do not need to have experience with Human Design or The Gene Keys prior to this short-term container, however be mindful that the complexity of the gene keys unfolds over a period of time.


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