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Welcome to AJNA; the divinely channeled third eye activation and intuitive expansion series for new paradigm leaders. 

The AJNA centre / chakra is located just above your brow between your eyes and is often called the "Third Eye". It is known as being the eye of insight, intuition and imagination. The AJNA is our direct connection to higher levels of consciousness and the realization of our higher self. 


All of the ways in which you've learned to build up your intuition, forget them. 

With these live workshops, meditations, transmissions and activations, your intuitive awareness is going to expand on the spot because everything about this offer... and I mean EVERYTHING is channeling through my very open third eye chakra from spirit. 

No ego. No shoulds. No logic. Just pure divine messaging that will inspire you, challenge you, activate you and expand you. 


What you'll get:

  • Two Live 2 Hour Workshops. Dates are TBD and replays will be made available for lifetime access.
  • An Exclusive 3rd Eye Massage Recipe & Downloadable Guided Meditation
  • The Opportunity to UPGRADE and Receive a Personalized Card Reading & Channeled Transmission Meant Specifically for YOU



Part One of AJNA will focus on decluttering from all of the consumption that fills our head on a daily basis. Once we've cleared the clutter, we will focus on expanding our intuitive awareness, opening our channels and bringing the subtle messages from spirit right to the surface so that we can hear them clearly and allow them to lead us with confidence. 

In this workshop I will lead you through the 3rd Eye Massage Technique & Live Meditation so that you can continue to gift yourself this experience with the downloadable version.  



Part Two of AJNA will focus on the fusion of your Ajna with your Heart. This beautiful marriage, once the connection is established in such a way, elevates our intuitive awareness, bringing us into a space where we can be more embodied and more present in our everyday lives. 

You will learn what following your heart truly feels like for you as you develop a deep sense of inner knowing and clear recognition of your personal truth. 

As healers, leaders, voices in the paradigm it is crucial that we make the conscious choice to open and hearts and live from this space, so this ajna / heart integration serves a very deep purpose and comes at a time where our world needs it, more than ever. 


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Upgrade Your AJNA Experience & Receive a Personalized Card Reading & Live Intuitive Transmission for YOUR Spiritual Evolution! 

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