$555.00 CAD


3 Week Program

March 13th until March 31st


Your relationship with money will move from SCARCITY TO INDULGENCE. 

YUMMY🫦💵MONEY is a 3 week money wound reprogramming program where we are going to use your Human Design and your Gene Key charts to shatter your money blocks and activate the flow of money in your life.

We are using your Human Design and Gene Key charts because this experience is going to be completely unique and individualized for you, meaning that we are shattering YOUR money blocks, not the money blocks that you "assume" are yours or that you've connected to, but are actually someone else's (and won't do you any good). 


These are just some of the pieces we will be divine into;

WEEK 1: 

  • Culture Sphere
  • Fear Gates in Human Design
  • Lack in our System



  • G Centre; Keys To Abundance
  • Heart Centre & Worthiness
  • Root Centre & Expectations



  • Life's Work Sphere
  • Mars Energy
  • Jupiter Energy 


3 Live Activation Calls + 3 Group Coaching Days in Voxer starting March 13th and going until March 31st. 


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